Sunday, November 15, 2009


During my raids of international eBay and the smaller Swedish cousin Tradera I have come across a great deal of Sicura watches. One of the most common models I have seen on the net (and also one of the most expensive) is the Sicura Submarine 200M.

I think it’s the popularity of the model, due to its relations to Breitling both historically and cosmetically that keeps this watch on top of the scale. In 1979 the “G. Leon Breitling” firm came to a halt after 100 years of watch making. The firm was founded in Switzerland 1884 by Leon Breitling and manufactured complicated watches.

Close to the outbreak of WWII the firm started making chronographs for aircrafts and it was this that made the brand famous worldwide. The firm also began making watches for the Royal Air Force and it was the success and the acknowledgement from pilots that led to triumph for the brand. During the early 50ies Willy Breitling, the grandson of Leon Breitling, started with the production of the famous Navitimer that was an extremely technical watch suited for technicians and engineers but became very popular with the public.

Photo by sroown

During the 1970ies a new type of watch was developed, the quartz watch. This meant that an accurate quartz watch could be produced for less cost and time than a mechanical watch and suddenly almost everybody could afford a watch that kept good time. Breitling, being a firm that produced advanced mechanical watches, unwillingly began producing quartz watches alongside its mechanical ones. But the firm finally, perhaps due to the reluctance of following the times, closed in 1979. The same year Willy Breitling passed away from disease.

A saviour came to Breitlings rescue, the same year as the firm closed, and was taken over by Ernest Schneider, the CEO of Sicura. A pilot himself, Ernest was convinced that the Breitling brand was worth the effort of saving as it had always stood for excellent quality and had the potential to keep doing so. The CEO´s first act was to produce three new models, the Jupiter, Mars and Pluto chronographs, after conferring with other pilots. In 1984 the wind of change had begun for mechanical watches, as they gained popularity once more, and the firm produced the first one since 1979.

After long consideration, Ernest decided that the Sicura brand would step down because of Breitlings greater potential. Some of the Breitling watches produced after 1979 share similar features with Sicura watches from the same period and therefore looks somewhat alike.

I personally do not own any Breitlings, but if I was to by one it would be a vintage one from the sixties, perhaps a Navitimer or one like this 1958 Bretling Cadette.

Photo by pita

My personal collection has a few Sicuras. The first one is the Sicura superwaterproof 400, bought five years ago on eBay for about 20 euros, a good price.

Photo by The Watching

Then a have a couple of Chronographs with tachymeter, none of these work but I am going to try and save one of them using the other as a donor.

Photo by The Watching

Last I have my two favourite Sicuras, the globetrotters. Both are a bit banged up but I think they only need some TLC. The Globetrotters are wonderfully oversized watches with a worldtime function that I like.

Photo by The Watching


Sell Breitling Watches said...

If I were to own a Breitling... I'd go for Emergency... coz I frequently fly...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That Sicura SuperWP blew me away. Looked at a lot of Divers lol. The line of the lugs is gorgeous and the overall balance of design is never overt or compromised !! The moment i saw it was like West Side Story........Cc

ramiz said...

i got original sicura swiss made watch if any one wants to buy contact me at

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, I collect watches, and this has been most helpful.

Joao Fabio Cese said...

I have an old Sicura Submariner (200m) that a cousin of my father, dear friend and older than I, gave me when I was thirteen (now I'm fifty-four). I'm very fond of it because it was my first watch. It has manual winding and works perfectly, however it's not waterproof anymore. The only issue is that its watchband broke many years ago, and I (stupidly) threw it away, so the current one is not original. Anyway, it's a beautiful watch and I intend to keep it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article, I have a sic urea breitling marine star from the 1970s I got from my farther at 14 years old as a present. It was about a weeks wages back then, and I had almost forgot about it! I started using it again last week, we are talking about a 36 year old watch, and it still works well and keeps up with my tag! Brill! What I like about it is it is not flashy and doesn't even have the breitling or is urea branding, other than the crest on the back!

Anonymous said...

Great article and this may be beating a dead horse, but as this article is near the top of the list of Google results for Sicura and Breitling, I think something should be clarified.

Sicura didn't "step in" to save Breitling, rather purchased the brand name when the company was liquidated.

The different parts of Breitling as a company was sold off to various different entities. Ollech & Wajs, for example, bought the unsold parts for Navitimers, Sinn bought the design specs for the Navitimers (and went on to make them under the Sinn brand) and so on. Sicura bought just the name, I didn't retain the employees, technical knowledge or the machinery employed by Breitling. Until the late 80s, when the "new" Breitling re-introduced the Navitimer design (which, whilst looking similar, in terms of psychical dimensions was nothing alike the originals), Brietling made watches which, beyond logo and the name, looked and functioned nothing like Breitlings made by the original company.

It is more fair to say that in the 1980s, Sicura changed its name and traded under the Breitling brand.

Smith Tom said...

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Marry Perker said...

Wonderful post. Please keep posting I think it’s the popularity of the model, due to its relations to Breitling both historically and cosmetically that keeps this watch on top of the scale.Check out Breitling watches

Anonymous said...

just bought a sicura 300m yellow face divers watch and i love it

Anonymous said...

In the 60's I bought my first 'proper watch' it looked the business cos it was a big chrome diver with a 'rally' style chrome band. It was all I could afford,it was in a High St bargain sale and it was a Sicura. I had it for years and it kept the time near enough for me to catch the bus on time to work (most of the time :) I liked the watch and often wonder what happened to it, but please don't let anyone tell you that a Sicura bears the slightest similarity to a Breitling, it doesn't. They were a budget watch,used budget movements and more often than not had base metal cases. The tenuous Breitling tie in is a con, a fabrication to give the brand credit it doesn't warrant. Breitling,although they used standard movements, totally reworked them into finely engineered masterpieces. It's a bit like having a bog standard Escort 1300 and sticking Cosworth BDA badges fancy wheels and a paint job on it, it doesn't fool anybody.